Easily track, manage and audit timesheets with Agency Time

Agency Time manages your timesheets accurately keeping your business on track. You can enter timesheets, chase missing timesheets and monitor changes through a full audit trail – all in the cloud.

image of our recruitment timesheets software, Agency Time

Timesheet Ledger

The timesheet ledger sits at the heart of Agency Time; it’s the engine room that drives your pay and bill processes. A comprehensive rate rules engine ensures that all timesheets are correctly entered and in line with the terms you’ve agreed with your client and the contractor.

Once a timesheet has been processed, full PAYE Purchase and Payroll Ledger integration lets you run your payment and invoicing processes – without them being dependent on each other. Timesheets can be weekly or monthly, multiple position, handle shifts, multiple currencies and create accruals for third party costs, e.g. withholding tax. Reversing accruals can be created for missing timesheets.


The recruitment timesheets software’s reporting function allows you to build comprehensive timesheet checking reports that flag missing timesheets and show expected pay for each contractor. As with all reports in Agency Time, you can use specific filters and timeframes for concise and accurate reporting against any parameter you wish.

Online Timesheet Portal

This is a hosted solution available for the latest version of Agency Time. It is fully integrated into NAV and leverages the flexibility and business rules that Agency Time has, extending the core product to allow quick and accurate data capture. The online timesheets reflect the Assignments exactly as entered in Agency Time, and all processing and business logic remains in NAV ensuring consistency, full traceability and auditing. Details entered onto the assignment, such as purchase order numbers or project codes are visible on the portal. The portal can be brand aligned to include logos, colours, customised text and URL.

Contractors securely log in online and submit their timesheets on any connected device through the responsively designed website. Data is integrated directly into NAV to trigger an email to the pre-assigned approver(s) for that Assignment. Approvers can accept or reject submissions, adding comments where applicable. Approvals are are updated in Agency Time and ready for the pay/bill process to be triggered. Rejections must be amended and re-submitted until approved.

Summary of functionality:

  • Enable contractors to easily submit timesheets online reducing administration and data entry

  • Approvals and rejections by authorised users, including comments

  • All data is captured and processed in NAV ensuring consistency in business logic and rate rules

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