Monday 1st October 2012 will go down in the nerds book of key dates as it was on this day Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 was officially released to market. As NAV professionals we are very excited and see this as the biggest thing to happen since Navision version 3 (or even 1!). Before you normal people sadly shake your heads and suggest we get out more, let me remind you of why we are excited! Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is a true browser solution that offers support for multiple clients, this includes: • A PC client • A browser client that can run in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari (with Firefox soon to follow) • A SharePoint client NAV 2013 is set to revolutionise mid-market ERP. And best of all, the restructuring of the pricing means it is extremely affordable. This makes NAV 2013 super-accessible in all meanings of the word. We already have a demo set running on Azure for those interested in the proof. Too good to be true? Not at all; Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is probably way ahead of your current IT strategy, but it is where people are looking to be (the excitement of the cloud once the sensible questions about security have been addressed!). And even more good news is that Microsoft has further simplified and priced to attract the full spectrum of the mid-market (the 3 user starter pack costs less than £3k to licence). For existing NAV users there is a generous mapping of the old to the new. I suspect that this is partly to help position AX as the corporate solution as well as gain market-share for NAV. It also means that what we have in NAV is a solution capable of scaling to corporate demands at mid-market pricing so it will be interesting how that pans out. Two of our biggest clients have been planning their upgrade since the first beta. All of our current prospects are sharing the excitement of implementing the best, brand-new-old-proven product in the market. Ever vigilant, I will keep searching for something to moan about (we are expecting a small headache learning the ins and out of the new licensing; I will try to keep grounded!); anyone who would like to come and see for themselves, do get in touch.