Last month we were pleased to issue a press release on the go live at Hallgarten-Druitt of the Wine System; our configuration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV that has been developed by TVision specifically to meet the needs of Wine Merchants. A number of points has struck us recently: the maturity of the Wine System yet our ability to ensure it keeps rapid pace with each new release Microsoft Dynamics NAV (we were ready to go on NAV 2013 R2 within weeks of release) and our growing presence within the UK Drinks industry.

The use of the TVision Wine System based on NAV 2013 by Hallgarten further cements the relationship built on by the original standard NAV v5 implementation at Pieroth. Going ‘live’ at the USA based / Baum / Wine Cru business 6 weeks before stretched both ourselves and the Hallgarten team to the limit but 2 months on and the benefit of eliminating the Maginus / Dream products being used has already borne fruit.

TVision’s understanding of the Wine Industry also meant that we were able to deliver Data Cubes for Analysis immediately on go-live which combined historic and live sales data.

The Hallgarten UK business includes not just managing the Inventory and Financial side of the company including HMRC Reporting but dealing with Unpaid (Marketing) and Paid Customer Reserves. Also, handling En Primeur based Reserves for drawdown and ExCellar transactions through the TVision Excellar ledger which provides enhanced Sales and Marketing cost management far beyond what can be achieved using the standard Item Ledger means that rather than having to process multiple Sales Orders for the same transaction and losing track of Negociant costs resulting in erroneous gross margin values, the business can now see clearly the Stock and Margin for each line on a Sales Order reported on a daily basis through the Data Cubes.

Also, the extension of the Duty Management side of the system to deal with the US State based system and ensuring that the more Wine Producer driven view of sales is provided in a single solution means that Hallgarten / Baum has one software vendor to deal with and common screens allowing shared views of data on both sides of the Atlantic validates that the Wine System is built on world-class development principles.

With the release last week of NAV 2013 R2 we already have our first customer for the Wine System on R2. We’re keen for our users to upgrade but we have wine clients running systems based on v1, v3, v4, v5, 2019 Classic and now NAV 2013 reflecting our view that upgrades need to be driven by business reasons and not just version changes.

We’re currently developing a feature for the Wine System aimed at those companies based around Private Customer Reserves allowing the Salesperson to see on the same screen stock held as principle, in Paid Customer Reserves managed by their own company, Paid Customer Reserves held by other companies and stock being Brokered by other companies with Prices and Valuations based on daily prices from e.g. Liv-ex.

We’ve been developing the software for over 12 years now. Each new customer brings a new flavour which Dynamics NAV allows us to meet based on our Wine System but the Hallgarten / WineCru experience validates how TVision can provide the ultimate software ERP experience to end users based on many man-years of software development.

NAV 2013 R2 allows us to provide the experience ‘In the Cloud’ or ‘On Premise’ whichever makes sense.

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