by Nicki Stewart

First glimpses of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 were revealed at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this week by Erik Tiden, Microsoft Dynamics NAV GM. As usual, a NAV release requires a catch phrase! For NAV 2013 R2 we had “In and On” (“In” Office 365, “On” Windows Azure). For NAV 2015 we have “more mobile, more cloud”.

“More mobile” refers to the anticipated mobile device support and improvements for the web client. Compatible with IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari meant that the NAV 2013 web client can run on pretty much any device that can run a web page; mobile apps makes it usable on pretty much any device.

“More cloud” refers to even tighter integration with O365.

But that is not all; oh no, that is not all! Improvements to the user interface, enhancements in functionality, better reporting and BI are all in the goodie bag. And for the techies, NAV 2015 has an improved upgrade toolkit.

Once again, TVision MD Richard is crowing at his prescience sixth-sense as he has been predicting much of this for over a year. Mobile device support is the logical move for NAV, especially with web and PC experiences well taken care of. The improved upgrade toolkit moves Microsoft closer to realising their aim of annual releases. And now the industry is referring to NAV as “the Microsoft Global ERP”.

A strategy aligned with what users want with the toolkit to make it a real-world reality, is this the new Microsoft era we have been longing for?