TVision Technology has completed the first phase of a new project which sees the automation of the wine broking service offered by London based Atlas Fine Wines. Atlas has used the Wine System, the business solution developed by TVision and built on the Dynamics NAV platform, since the company was founded in 2010. The automation of Atlas’ wine broking service is the latest development in TVision’s ongoing leveraging of the Wine System to meet the growing needs of Atlas.

Atlas Fine Wines offers a comprehensive service to fine wine collectors including Advisory, Stock management and Broking Services. The Broking service offered by Atlas involves buying and selling wine on behalf of the client using a transparent model of pricing. The web services integration with the existing Wine System software has enabled Atlas to draw down pricing information from a number of sources which is then used to swiftly calculate a current market price for wines. Clients are able to view these prices online and enable both Atlas and their clients to make more informed decisions on portfolios.

Atlas has been using TVision’s The Wine System as their core business software system since the company was founded. It manages all aspects of running the business from sales through to financial accounting. The automation of the wine broking service was identified as a way of increasing the service that Atlas offers its customers without increasing inventory.

The project called for close collaboration with TVision and Atlas personnel working together to build the interfaces that call out to the web services for the data and also on the development of the algorithm that then takes the data and produces the market valuation.
Commenting on TVision’s ability to work in partnership with Atlas in developing this core business benefit, Simon Haworth, Finance Director stated, “We very much value TVision’s knowledge and expertise, not only of Dynamics NAV but also the wine industry as a whole.”

With the first phase complete, Atlas can offer more wines to clients and clients can access clear information that enables them to take greater ownership of their portfolios. The next stage in the project is to further automate the broking process through web portals where clients will be able to initiate the broking process themselves.

Atlas is a highly focused and successful fine wine merchant keen to ensure that every penny invested in IT provides a tangible return for the business. ”This has been a great project to work on,” Nicki Stewart, TVision Technology, “once again Dynamics NAV has proven that it has the tool set to take a business idea and turn it into a process that adds real value.”

The founding directors of Atlas had previously worked with the NAV and with TVision whilst at another client. “When Atlas first partnered with TVision they knew what the software could do for their business,” Nicki Stewart. “This project showcases how the NAV platform can continue to grow and provide industry-leading competitive edge to our clients. We look forward to continuing to grow with Atlas.”