by Nicki Stewart

When we estimate and plan for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV we always include go live support. This is a transition phase that ensures smooth handover to our support desk as well as providing assurance to clients during the first few days of live operation.

Go live support involves the consultant who has been working throughout the project so gives continuity and familiarity. We will have involved the support team during testing and training and so we “phase” over. We do still expect those first few days to be “critical” as despite all the training and preparing, making it real can have an odd effect on the users! When everyone is happy that the system is stable and well bedded in the transition to standard support desk can be completed.

So when we started January 2016 with 3 go-lives we did expect it to be a busy time. However, it was strangely quiet. The consultants were not required on site, the phone barely rang, and the clients seamlessly enjoyed just another working day.
This is testament to the user friendliness of Dynamics NAV and reflects the effort that the project teams have put in, crucially the clients project teams. The most successful projects are always down to the resource the client has allocated, we take the proverbial horse to water the client makes it drink.

I was recently asked about the need to parallel run when implementing Dynamics NAV; we never parallel run (with the exception of payroll). Where the client requests a parallel run this is built into the plan and then revised after conference room pilot when it is always then decided to be unnecessary. Users dislike the extra effort and so a parallel run can be a risk to successful go-live and therefore counter-productive. Well prepared users with enthusiasm for go-live are the most valuable asset!

All three projects were delivered on time, to budget and went live with minimal fuss and disruption. We implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV smoothly and efficiently; it’s what we do.

For more information on the three go-lives, please read our press release. To find out how we can help you implement NAV for your business please contact us.