This month we announced the successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for A&O IT Group. It is always especially pleasing when a company who specialises in IT service delivery chooses to work with us and with Dynamics NAV. Over the years, TVision has worked with a number of IT companies, including Microsoft Gold partners. We use NAV ourselves and so we know how good it is at supporting the industry. IT is a broad term and we have implemented for “disties” (IT distributors), VARs and LARs and service providers. The ability of NAV to meet the processes through standard functionality in Inventory, Jobs / Resources and Service Management mean it is a natural contender for any IT company looking for new ERP or finance software. What makes it extra pleasing for us, is the endorsement from our peers. IT service companies understand the work that is required to successfully implement and the importance of the combined project team. It is a partnership; sure we know our software but you know your business! At A&O, they recognised that the best team also meant seeking expert input. Before engaging with TVision they had been working with Emerson Nash, finance consultants. Emerson Nash specialise in helping companies make sure that the back end operations can keep pace with the demands that accompany high growth. Replacing the legacy finance software was one of the areas that was identified to improve efficiency. Which brings us to today, a new partnership with a client who recognises that key relationships will ensure their investment in IT is maximised in very real returns for the business.