Last week we presented at Recruitment International’s FD Forum. I had promised it would not be a sales pitch and focused on shared experiences from our own observations and direct quotes from clients, happy users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Agency Time. What made it difficult not to switch into high sales mode was listening to the presentations that highlighted back office system challenges for FDs. In particular, Jess Coles, ex-Petroplan FD and now with consultancy Emerson Nash, talked about the steps taken to generate cash, develop a finance team and build scalability and efficiency. For generating cash the emphasis was on a strong invoicing process that reduced queries and was supported by effective credit control. All areas that our Agency Time clients have benefited from so I feel I did really well not to burst out at this point. It was a similar story from Keith Boyce who talked us through his experience during the selling of Team 24. Keith’s advice included, “Implement software and systems that provide accurate and timely data”, buyers expect the FD to know their numbers like “the back of their hands”. Not mentioned was the fact that buyers, particular VCs are often “label conscious” and so it is a good idea to implement systems from a well-known software house (such as Microsoft). The final presentation was given by Don Brown from Gately Plc. Don clearly explained how invoice discounting worked and the benefits of debt funding. At the lunch afterwards I enjoyed a great chat with Don, sharing the experience one of our clients had a few years back. This particular client used invoice discounting but had not thought to let the bank know they were switching software systems; in the first afternoon, panic was caused when the agency processed a week’s worth of sales invoices in a matter of hours. So Agency Time is absolutely the solution to meet operational and finance processes, provide accurate and timely data, impress potential buyers with its Microsoft Dynamics pedigree and test your bank’s systems.