Day three is a quiet day at the London Wine Fair, as if everyone knows that the party is pretty much over but no one is looking forward to the tidying up. It proved also to be the most “technical” day; chatting with the exhibitors about the business systems they use and discovering that Microsoft Dynamics NAV was well known from Russia to Sweden! The vibrant bustle of the previous day was replaced with a calm atmosphere, just right for catching up with our clients who were exhibiting (special thanks to Jayne at Mentzendorff for the Ayala, definitely my new favourite!). Time spent with Lewis at The Drinks Business gave a different perspective on the show, particularly comparing the London Wine Fair to other events, such as ProWein. That many more people are familiar with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and ERP software in general is really positive. Long gone are the days when business technology was for the admin teams in large organisations; these days it touches everyone. One small moan, without naming any names (yet). As we are part of a partner channel customers have a choice as to who they buy their Dynamics ERP software from. However, TVision is the only partner with drinks trade specific software. This software is not only the product of over 15 years working with leading merchants, it is also certified by Microsoft. Just as important as software that meets your needs, our consultants understand the business processes. To work with a partner who has neither of these means that you need to educate them on your business and then hope they can translate that into bespoke software. This is a big risk and one particular merchant at the show is experiencing the downside of working with a partner that has no industry provenance. If you hear bad things about a Microsoft Dynamics implementation in the wine trade, rest assured, it was not a TVision project. Meanwhile, whilst we were busy at the London Wine Fair, our consultants were on site with Mangrove and Barwell & Jones as they went live on Tuesday. The implementation started in November, so with brief pause during Christmas, the solution was successfully delivered within six months. Standard Wine System on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, implemented within time and budget. That’s how we do it!