Our Wine System for Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been continually evolving over the last thirteen years. Partly this is proactive as we have a roadmap for the solution (documented as part of our Certified for Microsoft Dynamics program), partly reactive as clients have asked for development. When any client asks for Dynamics NAV to be enhanced to meet a specific business requirement we discuss whether this is something bespoke for them or whether it should form part of standard product. The advantage for the client of bespoke is that we will not resell code that they feel provides them with competitive advantage (for example the LivEX / Winesearcher project for Atlas Fine Wines); albeit that our consultants retain the understanding. The advantage of taking into standard is that we then upgrade and maintain the code as part of our standard Wine System investment. Over the years there has always tended to be a little tweak here and there required for any project. However, with our latest project, we have a client who is using standard Wine System. This fulfils our vision to have an “out of the box” solution for the drinks trade. Our latest go live for Mangrove UK and sister company Barwell & Jones proved two things: the ability of The Wine System to meet more than just wine requirements (Mangrove UK is a specialist spirits agency, yes it is similar but there are differences!) and the capability of the standard software. Click here to read more about the Mangrove UK project; here for more on The Wine System or contact us to discuss how we can meet your business’ needs.