This month we were pleased to announce that we have been contracted by Berkmann Wine Cellars to implement our Wine System for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. (See TVision implement The Wine System for Berkmann Wine Cellars) Extra pleased because this means that the Wine System is now used by the majority of the leading UK wine distributors.

The project has a number of similarities with Liberty Wine happy users of Dynamics NAV since 2014. The business processes of both organisations are similar. Both have also included Andrew Bewes as a board member during their history (now at Hallgarten Druitt, another valued TVision client). Both initially rejected the Wine System when they looked at it ten years earlier.

The last point is probably the surprise admission in a marketing piece! Ten years ago the Wine System and Microsoft Dynamics NAV were very different. The cost to deploy was greater with the pricing of licensing and service days to implement being greater. At that time we didn’t have a rapid implementation option. Three key things have happened:

1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is more user-friendly than ever; reducing training and increasing day one efficiency gains

2. The Wine System has more standard functionality, proven with its Certified for Microsoft Dynamics accreditation and making it more suitable for rapid, standard deployment.

3. Berkmann and Liberty both enjoyed growth that warranted the investment in more complex ERP

The last two are probably slightly ironic. As we made the software easier to deploy for the sort of organisation Berkmann and Liberty were first time around, they grew and became the more complex sites akin to Enotria & Coe and Hallgarten Druitt. What this does all mean is that The Wine System really is scalable from startups such as North South Wines to Berkmann the UK’s leading independent wine merchant.