Team “ERP Implementation”

erp implementation teams

When the time comes to invest in a next-generation ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for your organisation, it’s as much about the people as it the platform. Your internal resources and the partnerships you’ll need to forge will be critical to a smooth, efficient deployment that’ll take your operations to the next level and deliver the transformative change you seek.

So, what could your ERP implementation team look like?

When you’re assembling an internal team to implement your ERP solution, heed the advice of the experts and base your resource on your team’s abilities rather than their job titles. You’re looking for particular skill sets:

  • Accounting expertise – to articulate with clarity exactly what’s required from a financial perspective
  • Project management competencies – a proven ability to focus on the plan and keep it on course
  • Manpower availability and flexibility – multitaskers who’ll manage their day job as well as their ERP team role
  • Communication skills – a clear voice for negotiations, discussions and conflicts
  • Discipline – to stick to the program and balance openness to change with resistance to it when its called for

Depending on the scale and complexity of your ERP roll out, the structure of your implementation team should comprise the following members:

The project lead: the steering committee

The steering committee will comprise of senior leaders and management (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, VPs and directors) who’ll work alongside your ERP implementation consultant and be responsible for defining and managing the key objectives for the implementation project.

The project management team

VPs and directors from various divisions will shape your PM team. For smaller organisations, it could take the form of just one or two project managers. This is the team that is responsible for delivering vital internal project management and communicating with your ERP implementation partner throughout the project.

The first line support team: the superusers

Your invaluable support resource will be made up of superusers who are there to keep the ERP solution running as it should. They’ll work in conjunction with your ERP partner, learning the ropes and training the trainers, conducting user acceptance testing, carrying out various administrative tasks and providing first-line user assistance.

Your ERP implementation partner

Partnering with an implementation consultant who understands your ERP solution and has the proven skill set and track record is critical to a seamless deployment. It’s imperative your partner has proven expertise in your sector, of your business model and, naturally, your chosen ERP product. They’re likely to recommend you implement a market-leading product such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to ensure a successful ERP transition.

Partnering with a specialist ERP implementation team will ensure your internal resource will have a highly skilled, responsive team of specialists onside from the start and who will provide the ongoing business support that’s so crucial to the long-term viability of your ERP deployment. Together, you’ll be embarking on an implementation journey that will be designed to deliver value, support and that all-important positive return on investment and transformative change your business strategy demands.

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