Save on waste and keep your costs down with Bevica

Paragon Route Planning and Flexipod

There are visible signs of Climate Change here for us all to see, as well as the impact of plastics on our environment. Whether we like it or not, every industry needs to consider its carbon footprint and ways in which processes can be improved.

Waste packaging is a problem for everyone, however, the drinks industry also needs to contend with emissions and the efficient use of delivery vehicles.

But with cash flow and accurate costing high on any business agenda, finding ways to reduce your carbon footprint isn’t easy.

However, an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system like Bevica can help to reduce your businesses impact on the environment and save money too. From planning the economic ordering of quantities, efficient load planning and consolidating sales shipments, to making efficient use of warehouse space.

Bevica, alongside its add-ons and integration partners, is developed with real world issues like these in mind. One such example is Bevica partnering with best of breed solutions, Paragon and fleXipod – which can help cut carbon emissions and fuel costs, as well as reduce paper documents/paper waste.

Paragon Route Planning

Paragon Route Planning is a routing and scheduling app that simplifies the route planning process for delivery drivers and reduces costs. Paragon says that users “[typically] see operational benefits and ROI within months of going live.”

Manifests can be built from delivery and collection information. Details such as delivery addresses, order volumes, time windows, vehicle sizes and driver shifts can be sent directly from Bevica to Paragon to be quickly and easily routed and scheduled. The results can then be returned to ERP for tracking and invoicing.

The aim of Paragon Route Planning is to:

  • Reduce planning time
  • Cut transport costs
  • Create more accurate routes
  • Improve customer communication
  • Provide later cut-off times
  • Cut carbon emissions and fuel costs.


fleXipod provides the next stage in the delivery process. Enabling real-time delivery insight, proof of delivery and enhanced customer service.


An Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) system, fleXipod provides a range of data capture options where drivers are delivering goods. These include barcode scanning and SatNav functionality for exact driver location – so you’ll know where your drivers are or will be.

Removing the need for paperwork, specific business processes can be viewed from Bevica. Customer notifications automated, messages sent to drivers, real-time updates from the field reviewed and overview dashboards analysed.

FleXipod provides:

  • Enhanced real-time job visibility
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduces paper documents
  • Increases operational efficiency

Great additions to Bevica, if you’re interested in keeping your emissions and fuel costs down, reducing paper documents and the ability to monitor your deliveries more effectively, get in touch with TVision to find out more.