TVision has have recently become a corporate member of the Woking Chamber of Commerce. Crossing paths with the chambers at various points over the last 12 months or so, we have now decided to join up for the various business benefits that it can bring.

As well as supporting the local economy, with Woking being a growth town with all of its highly visible and ongoing major development work, being a member will also give us an opportunity to provide other local businesses with the wealth of knowledge our experienced consultants provide. We are keen to offer a business impact session to any local business who are looking at ways to improves processes and to increase efficiency within their organisation. We know that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is simultaneously one of the best productivity tools and ERP solutions in the marketplace.

Woking Means Business – October 16th

Having previously seen positive reports of the Woking Means Business event, we were keen to sign up and secure our exhibition space at member rates. We will be situated on stand 4, immediately next to the Woking Chamber of Commerce stand which is being manned by long-serving member Paul Webster.

Woking Chamber of Commerce – Monthly Networking

I attended my first monthly networking session earlier today held at the Woking Ambassadors Theatre Group bar. Despite it being close to summer holiday season, there were approximately 30 people there. To begin with there were a few words from Richard Field (known for Fields Garage on Goldsworth Road). Then Paul Webster spoke about the Winston Churchill School project (more on that later). Finally, there was a general introduction to the newest members, i.e. me/TVision and another organisation – it was time to network.

I connected with a number of people…. I first met a private Swedish bank employee setting up a new branch in Woking (Handelsbanken). Then someone who was setting up his own FD consultancy and who understood the TVision Business Central offering immediately. I also met someone from Menzies, and a therapist and yoga instructor. Also in attendance was a coach who previously worked with TVision to help us with our presenting skills at the last client day – our 2019 Summit.

Winston Churchill School Project

So, I mentioned the Winston Churchill School project… This is a pilot scheme that started with a few Woking Chamber of Commerce members and me. When Paul approached me to become involved I jumped at the chance – he already knew me from the CMPP. A group of their pupils were given the chance to be interviewed by a local industry professional, and to give them the chance to display key soft skills and competencies. The kind that cannot be tested academically for. Such as communication skills, resiliency, problem solving, etc.

It’s wonderful getting ten A stars at GCSE and 3 As at A-level….. But what if a young person struggles to have enough confidence to look an adult in the eye when they shake their hand? Or they can’t answer an open ended question coherently and confidently? The workplace will seem like a daunting place to go to once they finish their education. The school is aiming to prepare pupils for just such a scenario, by giving them practice. And as the old adage goes, practice makes perfect.

There was one adult to three pupils, giving the quieter and less confident ones some much needed peer backup. I made sure to include everyone in the conversation and tried to keep the conversation flowing. At the end of the session, I then provided some written feedback for each pupil and then also gave it verbally. One of the girls left grinning ear to ear when I explained how I thought she came across really positively and the fact the she listened to my answers and was prepare to ask me the tricky question of “why are you here?” A great and possibly controversial question to ask. I was there because I think it’s important to give time back to the local community, because I live and work in Woking.

We are based in Woking and so we want to support the local community hence becoming Woking Chamber of Commerce members.