I have been at TVision for over two and a half years now, and am so proud of the way I have witnessed our TVision webinars develop, improve and inspire. They have had a few different people from the sales and account management team, but Ian Robinson, one of our amazing Support Consultants, has remained constant throughout. He has such an engaging way of talking about Business Central, and he makes it all sound so easy. Ian is always accompanied by someone from sales on our webinars. Initially Karen, and now me in my role of Account Manager.


Webinar format

The format works really well, and we have had much positive feedback about it. I will start with the five things you need to know about a particular subject. Ian then delivers a focussed and insightful demo, often showing tips and tricks that may have been forgotten or overlooked. Then we finish with five key takeaways you can go back to the office with and on the very same day as the webinar, challenge what is being done currently, or consider how changing a process could improve productivity and efficiencies in an organisation.

The audience of these webinars was always intended to be:

  1. Anyone with an interest in Business Central, so an organsiation looking to change from an alternative ERP solution,
  2. A company that already uses Business central and is looking for a new support partner, and
  3. Our clients – to offer them more knowledge and training around the solution they use on a daily basis.

However, it’s interesting that we find mainly clients register for these calls. Often they spark general questions which then lead to more specific enquiries for me to respond to. I’m glad they can help our users and superusers.

New webinar delivery

In our most recent webinar, Top 5 things you need to know about Year-end VAT Management, we made the decision to move to our webcams being on throughout. It’s something we’ve been considering doing for a while now, and I must admit it felt great. I’ve noticed that most of the webinars I sign up to always have webcams on, so I’m glad we have made the move to do this too. I always think it’s nice to put a face to the name, so for all of the client calls I’m making as part of our account management process, at least people will get to see who I am. That’s if we haven’t had a Teams meeting of course.

Past and present TVision webinars

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By Tiziana Giardina, TVision Account Manager