Choosing an ERP solution with a brand-new ERP partner is no small matter. You need to make sure that it is a solution that complements your business needs and will give your business the wings to grow. However, equally important is finding the right ERP implementation partner: one who understands your business and what you want to get out of your new ERP implementation. A good partner is one that not only answers all your questions, but also asks you the right questions to help you explain what you need. It is these questions that will help the partner get a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve in your business. In this blog, we have compiled five of the key questions any good ERP partner should ask you when they start working with you.


1. What business challenge(s) do you need to solve, and how will you know when it is/they are resolved?

At the heart of any new ERP project is a business challenge or problem that you the client needs resolving. Therefore, it is very important that your new ERP partner uncovers two fundamental things. One, what are the key business management challenges or issues that you are currently facing in your business? Two, what do you hope to achieve in your business once they are resolved? Asking these two questions will give your partner an excellent “starter for ten” on where your business currently is, and an idea of where you want to get to with the help of a new ERP.

2. What financial benefit would you get from solving this business challenge?

Linked very closely to finding the solution to a particular business challenge is the financial benefit or benefits that the business will gain by achieving this. This financial benefit can take one or more different guises – cost savings, increased profits, or greater business efficiencies.  Knowing this will help your new ERP partner have a clear picture of the pain points you are dealing with in your business. Plus, it will give them some understanding of the time and money you are prepared to invest in the process.

3. What will success look like?

Success for a business and success for a partner can be two very different things. A partner may think that success has been achieved when the ERP project has been delivered on time and within budget. And this is something we consistently achieve at TVision. The client, however, may see it differently. Not every “successful” ERP implementation results in the original business challenge being immediately resolved from day one for the client. Therefore, in their eyes, the project has not necessarily been a success. It is therefore very important that the partner asks you right from the start, what success looks like for your business. This will allow you to focus on those outcomes to be achieved (whether this be doing business better, faster or cheaper) while your ERP partner can concentrate on translating this into a successful ERP project.

4. Why is solving this business challenge important to your business?

Every business, and every business leader, struggles with business challenges. They can be spiralling costs, lack of customers or a demotivated workforce for example. By asking you this question, the ERP partner is getting you to think carefully about your business’s overall goals and priorities. Also for you to work out whether the business challenge you are facing really is important to your overall business strategy.

5. What is holding back your customers?

When your new ERP partner asks you about your customers and the problems they have when buying from you, what they are trying to do is get a better understanding of your sales cycle and any challenges you may have with it. You might have pre-sales issues such as problems with suppliers, challenges within the actual sales process such as poor ecommerce integration, or post-sales customer service difficulties. Once your partner has a better understanding of these issues, they can advise you on what technological solutions or processes you can implement to overcome them.

How can TVision help you?

TVision is one of the largest and most experienced providers of Business Central and NAV in the UK. If you want to find out more about Business Central and work with an ERP partner that will ask you the right kind of questions to help you understand what your business needs from a new ERP, please feel free to contact us to arrange a demo.