The Shopify connector to Business Central, that was promised in this April’s 2022 Wave 1 Update, is now live.

Microsoft initially announced their partnership with Shopify in October 2021. This new Shopify connector is aimed at helping Business Central customers “get the visibility needed to speed customer inquiry responses, process more timely returns and refunds, and achieve more accurate order processing”.

What are the New Shopify Connector Features?

The Shopify connector for Business Central, which is based on Power Automate, includes the following features:

Support of multiple Shopify shops
  • Each Shopify shop has its own setup, including a collection of products, locations used to calculate inventory, and price lists.
Bi-directional synchronisation of items or products
  • The Shopify Connector will sync images, item variants, barcodes, vendor item numbers, extended texts, and tags between systems.
  • Easily export item attributes to Shopify.
  • Use selected customer price groups and discounts to define how prices will be exported to Shopify.
  • Decide whether items can be created automatically or only allow updates to existing products.
Synchronisation of inventory levels within Shopify
  • Choose to use some or all of the available locations in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Update inventory levels on multiple locations in Shopify.
Bi-directional synchronisation of customers
  • Smart-map customers by phone and email.
  • Use country-specific templates when creating customers, which helps ensure that tax settings are correct.
Import of orders from Shopify
  • During import you can automatically create customers in Dynamics 365 Business Central or decide to manage the customers in Shopify.
  • Include orders created in other channels, such as Shopify POS or Amazon.
  • Shipping costs, gift cards, tips, shipping and payment methods, transactions, and risk of fraud.
  • Receive payout information from Shopify Payments.
Easy tracking of fulfilment information
  • Optionally choose to write item tracking information from Dynamics 365 Business Central into Shopify.

In addition, Microsoft has partnered with scapta, a Business Central ISV, to acquire their market-tested, feature-rich Shopify connector and embed it directly within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Setting up the Shopify connector

To find out more about how to set up the Shopify connector for Business Central, read the Roberto Stefanetti, Microsoft MVP, blog where he gives the Shopify connector a first try and documents the setup and findings.

For more information

The Shopify connector is available for the SaaS version of Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is not available for on-premises versions. For new customers, the extension will be pre-installed. Existing customers can download and install the extension from Microsoft AppSource or the Shopify app store. For more information about Business Central and the Shopify connector, please get in contact with us today.