Watco Case Study

Watco has been a user of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for a number of years, and have worked with
TVision since 2008. During that time, the company has grown considerably, both in terms of the number of products in its inventory and also in terms of its global footprint. Inevitably, this has meant the company’s requirements of its software and systems have also become more demanding.

Until recently, Watco had relied on multiple local implementations of Dynamics NAV. This meant that individual territories had adapted NAV to meet any new requirements for each office. As a result, these localised versions had evolved to become quite different from
each other, with each having differing layers of additional functionality and core / base objects.

Although this approach had enabled the company to respond quickly to changes in requirements at the time, it had also become a hindrance. With all of the NAV localisation it was becoming harder to gain a true, single view of company-wide business information.
It also posed challenges when the company was looking to upgrade their complete system to NAV 2017 to take advantage of the additional functionality compared with an older version of NAV.

TVision's case study for WATCO

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