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A new SaaS implementation (in the cloud)


Converting your old on premise NAV to SaaS


Converting your old on premise NAV to SaaS

If you already have on premise NAV licences(s) there will be a reduction in licence subscriptions for a conversion to SaaS. The sales team can advise during the follow up call.

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Select number of licences required (for 30+ click licence info below)

To find out more about Microsoft licensing costs – click here

Full licences allow read/write access.

Team members have restricted read access only.

If you need more than 30 licences, please complete to the end using 30 licences as the nominal amount and we will be in touch with more detailed pricing.

If you don’t know how many licences you might need, include the number in your immediate team and this can be amended in due course.


Number of Companies or legal entities that you would like to create

If more than one company is needed, we will charge £995 for one-off services to train you how to do this for any new companies/entities.

For 10+ companies please get in touch.

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Choose your implementation packages & functionality

Basic Finance

From £14,995

Implementation Time:
Quick: Up to 4 weeks

Customised Solution

From £45,000+

Implementation Time:
Complex: 12 weeks +

Choose your level of Support

Premium Support

Monthly Fee: £360

Premium-30 Support

Monthly Fee: £455

Optional Add-ons available to you


Excel Journal Import

Monthly Subscription: £45


Excel Journal Import

Prepare your financial, inventory and job journals in Excel, select your pre-mapped import and post.


Extra Consultancy or Additional Training (pack of 5 hours)

One Off Fee: £600


Extra Consultancy or Additional Training (pack of 5 hours)

If more training is needed or consultancy for new business processes are required, an additional pack of 5 hours can be bought and used when required.

Your Estimate

Monthly Subscription: £0 One off services: £0
Monthly Subscription: £0 One off services: £0
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Standard Solution

BC SaaS - Base Configuration Plus

1 Company

Solution configured to checklist

Bespoke Chart of Accounts

Standard P&L and Balance Sheet

Dimensions & Analysis by Dimensions

Basic Fixed Assets

Basic Permissions and Roles Setup

Data Migration - Rapid Start & Opening Balances for Finance

Basic Training

Access to set of reports and Dashboard (requires Power BI account)

Implementation support


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