This is a question people often ask…. There are three types of Business Central licenses you may wish to purchase for your organisation – the costs* are indicated below.

Business Central Essentials licence

£52.80 PCM

The Business Central Essentials license is a named subscription user license. It gives an individual full access to the essential application areas within Business Central.

Examples of Essentials license users include: salespeople, customer service representatives, finance employees, controllers and supply chain managers.

Included in this licence:

  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources Management

Business Central Premium licence

£74.50 PCM

Premium licenses provide access to all areas within the Essentials license of Business Central, with the two extra functional areas of Manufacturing, and Service Management.

Business Central Team Member licence

£6.00 PCM

The Team Member license is a named subscription user license, assigned to someone who does not require full user capabilities. At least one other member of the organisation must be licensed with either Essentials or Premium.

Examples of Team Member licence users include business owners, directors, departmental purchasers, approvers and timesheet users.

Included in this licence:

  • Read-only access for everything in Business Central
  • Update existing data, e.g. customers, vendors, items
  • Approve and/or reject workflow approvals
  • Create/edit/delete purchase and sales quotes
  • Ability to enter timesheets against jobs

What will Business Central licenses cost for my organisation?

To see what the Business Central licence costs may be for your organisation use our pricing estimator. You can select various support options, as well as the type of implementation you requrie, plus input the approximate number of licenses you are looking to purchase across the 3 types.

Business Central pricing estimator

* Prices correct at time of publishing. Further detailed pricing info is on the Microsoft website here.


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