Software project management is too often looked on with trepidation, both by those running the project and by the end users whose jobs are ultimately affected by them.

But why? Implementing new software within your organisation can be a real game changer. It can be the catalyst to growth, better ways of working and a happier workplace.

Software projects should be embraced. They should be viewed with excitement, not with scepticism. The team I work with at TVision are driven by the desire to help our customers enjoy both their software and their implementation journey. In our view, when the project is viewed with excitement at the outset as a positive thing for the company and people, the journey to implementation will be much smoother.

Over the next few pages, I set out a “manifesto” for a more positive software implementation approach. You may agree with everything I write, with none of it, or have your own ideas to add. And that’s perfectly fine.

I hope you can use this document as a tool for provoking thought and for helping you gain clarity when approaching your next software project management.

Jane Ralphs
Client Delivery Director

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