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Established in 1927, Watco has been synonymous with providing maintenance products that improve working environments for warehouses and industrial sites across the UK and Europe, exporting to a truly international audience base.

The Watco Group is part of a large US-based business. It provides industry leading, high-performance repair and coatings products. The vast majority of the products Watco sell are manufactured to their unique patented formulas by a sister company in the North East of England. They are then shipped direct to customers, or to Watco Germany’s warehouse for Europe-wide distribution.

The headquarters of the Watco Group are in Guildford, UK. About 40 people work for the UK operation (most based in Guildford, apart from the finance team which is based in the North East) with a further 10 employees in France, and 20 in Germany.

Moving from NAV to Business Central

Prior to their move to Business Central, Watco were using an ageing NAV system, NAV 2017. NAV 2017 went out of mainstream Microsoft support in January 2022 and Watco were keen to upgrade this on premise system to a cloud-based one.

Watco’s NAV to Business Central migration project consisted of the implementation of three separate Business Central environments (UK, France and Germany) each with relatively large data sets as well as the integration of Business Central with Watco’s front and back-end systems.

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