Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the software solution that brings control to even the most complex supply chain management and manufacturing processes, integrating every step of the process from goods-in to order fulfilment.

The Impact of Poor Supply Chain Management

Ensuring efficient supply chain, stock control and manufacturing processes is key to keeping your business profitable. Errors here can have direct impacts on order fulfilment, cash flow and the balance sheet – not to mention the potential impacts on customer service. But keeping a clear view of how much of which items you have, and where, in order to fulfil projected demand while minimising wastage can be a real challenge, particularly when dealing with multiple sites, multiple suppliers and potentially hundreds of SKUs.

Dynamics NAV provides your production, warehouse and accounts staff with the end-to-end visibility, data input and reporting tools they need to keep cash flows positive and stock moving.

Key features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Supply Chain functionality

The depth and breadth of functionality within Dynamics NAV ensures a comprehensive understanding of, and control over, all aspects of your supply chain and its management.
supply chain management operations

Supply Chain

Warehouse management


Agile manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the software solution ideally suited to operations that require the use and turnover of high levels of stock items, including manufacturing processes.

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