insightsoftware is the leading financial reporting company in the world, formerly known as Jet. Many TVision clients already use the functionality to enhance their Business Central ERP software, and we use it internally too for a number of reports that are shared and used across the business.

Using insightsoftware you can increase productivity, visibility, accuracy, and compliance for:

  • Financial reporting that saves time, money and resources
  • Business dashboards that show data as and when you need it
  • Budgeting and planning by accessing operational data from all business functions in a flexible way
  • Close and consolidation in real-time to reduce close cycles and manual keying errors
  • Transfer pricing for profitability monitoring across your organisation.

Data from Business Central can also be combined with other sources. Using insightsoftware will improve team efficiency and reporting accuracy. Less manual processing saves time, and regular reports sent to individuals across the organisation ensures informed business decisions can be made from real time data.

There are four options available:

  1. Jet reports: financial reports in Excel with access to source data.
  2. Jet Analytics: dashboards and reports that help you identify trends.
  3. Jet Hub: access to business information on any device anywhere
  4. Bizview: to control and streamline your budgeting and planning requirements.

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