Microsoft's Commitment to Dynamics NAV

The Microsoft® investment in research and development outstrips that of competitors. This is due to the Microsoft commitment to maintaining the position as market-leader and means that not only do we have great products, now and in the future, there is also a clear upgrade and maintenance path so every version of the product provides great return on investment.

Product Road Map

With standard and enhanced product maintenance, each version of NAV is supported for 10 years from release date. Regular upgrades are advisable, but there is no forced upgrade. Further information on product lifecycle can be found at:

Product Lifecycle (Opens new Window)

Microsoft Enhancement Plan

Enrolment in the Microsoft Enhancement Plan is included with annual support & maintenance. As well as providing upgrade licenses and service packs, there are benefits such as:

Partner Channel

Microsoft Dynamics solutions are sold and supported through the Partner Channel. Usually the partner is selected at the same time as the product. Occasionally situations change and you may decide that you want to move your support. TVision supports a number of clients who have moved their support to us as existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV users.

The Partner Channel means you have the comfort of working with smaller companies within the security of the community and maintaining the benefits of Microsoft’s continued investment.

Call: 01483 751 888

Call: 01483 751 888