Resource utilisation is always important to consider for any job or project. These costs needs to be factored in to decide if a project is cost efficient and to see how much resource was used during an implementation phase, the go live period, and also afterwards from a support perspective.

You can set up timesheets for a specified number of time periods or weeks, which include the job planning lines you have set up for your project. Therefore, people working on a project can only enter information for the job tasks they are working on, in one place and approvers can have the confidence that the information is always correct. After timesheet entries have been approved for a job, they can be posted to the relevant job journal or resource journal.

Time and costs for the resources can be regularly monitored, allowing analysis to see inefficiencies in resourcing, or where resources could be better assigned.

Resource utilisation, in our experience, is not always factored in before or after a project’s completion. But we appreciate that in a services driven industry it can help to evaluate and review repetitive processes/projects.


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