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Sana Commerce is a certified SAP and Microsoft Gold partner that TVision have partnered with. A cloud or on-premise deployment is available as an option for any TVision client who requires a quickly implemented e-commerce platform or customer portal with comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality.

This e-commerce platform would be beneficial for B2B or B2C organisations that that rely on traditional sales methods with no e-commerce or online customer portals. Alternatively, organisations that are using a mainstream e-commerce solution but are having challenges with agility and scaling may want to investigate other options and could gain from having a demo to compare functionality with their existing solution.

Other ecommerce platforms are often built separately from the ERP causing siloes between the systems. However, Sana Commerce makes your Business Central ERP solution work as one with the Sana platform. Plus you will guarantee the security of your web store by hosting it in Microsoft Azure.

Using Sana Commerce to enhance the investment you’ve already made in Dynamics 365 Business Central ensures:

  • Your Business Central data is available in the e-commerce platform in real time.
  • All of your ERP functionality is also available in Sana Commerce.
  • It is a single source of data that is shared between Business Central and Sana Commerce.
  • Changes only have to be made once in one system and not in both.

Sana Commerce helps organisations prioritise relationships with their own customers. There are three key benefits to using Sana commerce. Firstly the convenience for customers from a self-service perspective. Secondly system reliability, eliminating errors and delays. And thirdly the evolution of the system to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

For reference, Sana Commerce integrates with the following ERP tables:

  • Product information
  • Price and inventory information
  • Customer information
  • Order information
  • Customer history

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