Finance teams have been dealing with uncertain markets for the last several years, resulting in an increasing demand for them to do more with less. The pandemic and its fallout, followed by the difficult economic conditions of the last two years, have transformed global finance teams, requiring them to not only produce faster and more accurate forecasting and reporting to inform rapid decision-making but to do it with ever-tightening purse strings.

In today’s uncertain market, building a resilient finance team that can adapt quickly to market changes is more important than ever. This is where insightsoftware’s Jet Reports and Jet Analytics come in – they help your finance team streamline financial reporting and do more with less in a targeted and less reactive way. The following webinar will demonstrate how their financial reporting tools can help your team achieve balance, shore up processes, and weather the recession by building agility that drives resilience. Their expert will demonstrate how to achieve predictability amidst an uncertain market.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How you can quickly and easily generate timely, accurate financial reports with Jet Reports
  • How Jet Analytics gives you an accurate, controlled set of data to feed into Power BI
  • How to enable self-service reporting and analytics to manage and create reports for better data-driven decisions.

Transcript to follow