Take control of your cashflow and minimise bad debt with Agency Time

Even with the best billing processes, Credit Control remains a crucial function in maintaining profitability and managing your cash flow. With agency time, you can manage each client’s creditworthiness, automate billing reminders and set holds where necessary. As it is fully integrated with the rest of your financial management suite, your credit control staff can see up-to-the-minute status of outstanding bills and contact history.

Agency Time provides you with strong Credit Control functionality. Key information is brought together in an activity list view that can be set by your credit controller, helping them to organise their work more efficiently.

Stay one step aheadExample of the Credit Control notepad

Agency Time allows you to proactively manage your clients’ creditworthiness by setting credit limits on their profile, you can diarise follow-ups, and it has the ability to hold invoices and put clients on stop should you ever need to. Aged debtor reports can be run with a number of options and can be filled, downloaded to Excel and used to maximise cash collection.

Your credit controllers can also email out copy invoices effortlessly, produce statements, automate and register reminder letters and post interest. This makes your credit control process easy and efficient from beginning to end, helping you secure payments faster.

See it all

Agency Time’s Credit Control Notepad provides a summary of what is outstanding, information around activity to-date and all other relevant client information. From the Notepad, you can drill down into source documents to provide instant insight and clarification. This speeds up the control process and ensures the right lines of credit, or restrictions, are applied to the right clients easily and consistently.

Example of an intermediaries report

If you need to give your bank a detailed breakdown of your sales ledger – or just the transactions raised on a particular day – the system lets you drop all the data you need into Excel marking the records as reported.

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