SwiftCloud is a B2B ecommerce software platform specifically designed for wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers. They have nine powerful modules designed to revolutionise B2B ordering processes.  SwiftCloud seamlessly integrates with a business’s existing ERP system and can support both simple and complex business orders.

We recently spoke to Matt Pinel, SwiftCloud’s ​Channel Partner Manager about the product: its evolution, and what the integration process would involve.

What is the history behind SwiftCloud?

SwiftCloud was established in 2012 when James Clarkson (our CEO) had the idea to start automating orders coming in from customers to suppliers in the B2B sector, as opposed to the old-fashioned way of telephone, email and even sometimes fax!

James, partnered with blue-chip system architect Aman Shergill, to form Adventoris (the software company that develops and implements SwiftCloud) and, as a result, created SwiftCloud, an innovative and competitive platform, which enables businesses to increase sales, reduce costs and enhance customer service.


How big is the team that you work with?


What kind of organisations come to you directly?

 Businesses that realise that to grow they need to adopt a more efficient order solution, that saves time and money.

Can your solution be used for projects other than simply a brand-new ERP implementation?

Our customers can incorporate SwiftCloud as an ordering solution for their customers at any time.

Do you speak to a lot of Microsoft users?

We currently have numerous businesses that use a Microsoft back-end office solution, such as Business Central, that we can integrate SwiftCloud with.

On average, how long does a typical integration process take?

The integration process takes 4-5 months. Although there is only 3 weeks of work in the integration process, most projects are spread over a longer timeframe.

Can the process be achieved entirely remotely, or do you need to meet people face to face?

The integration process can be done completely remote. The process usually takes 4-5 months from when a client places the order for SwiftCloud to when they go live. Our team of integrators will be constantly communicating with the client to access customer, product, and pricing information we need to extract to then go into the platform. This is done via API or data file transfer using SFTP.

What information does a prospective client need to pull together before they approach you?

Nothing. A call with our sales team will flesh out the company requirements and we can take it from there.

Do you have any examples of satisfied customers that you can share?

We work with a wide range of prestigious wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers. Our clients include AG Barr, Pipers Crisps and Staedtler.

If someone is interested in working with you, what should they do next?

Just get in touch with our sales team on 0333 344 7557 or sales@swiftcloud.co.uk and we can clarify what’s on offer and answer any questions.

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