Once again I am reflecting on the issue of Navision v Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Some time ago we published our white paper Navision to NAV: What’s in a Name? and it is many years now since Microsoft branded its Business Solutions division Dynamics. However, search engines and users still seem to prefer “Navision”. I have a theory that it is Navision die-hards who use the term and that people coming new to the software would use Dynamics NAV as a search term but is that right? A quick Google search shows just 1,040,000 results for Microsoft Dynamics NAV compared to 5,620,000 for Navision. We are also constantly updating our site to prove to the search engines that we are all about Microsoft Dynamics NAV (or Navision if you’d rather!). It is so frustrating when all we have ever done for over 10 years is provide excellent services for users of Navision (or Dynamics NAV . . . !) yet search engines struggle to recognise that all our content is related to the NAV / Navision ERP (or Financial management . . . ) software solutions. If you are here you searched for NAV or Navision. To find out more about the capabilities of the software, our white paper, What is Dynamics NAV? is a great place to start, or surf around, or call us! NAV / Navision is the world’s favourite mid-market ERP solution, no matter what you want to call it. And with over ten years of working exclusively with the solution, TVision has unrivalled expertise and client success. Happy to prove it!