At TVision we pride ourselves on being 100% Microsoft Dynamics NAV; we love NAV and firmly believe it is the best mid-market ERP solution, we also believe that our clients benefit from a partner with a single focus (no “Jack of all Trades”!).

That doesn’t stop competitors attempting to lure us into signing up as a reseller for their products. However, the latest attempt from NetSuite was a bit perplexing: “There has never been a better time to complement your on-premise Microsoft Dynamics offering with a NetSuite Cloud ERP solution.”

Apparently NetSuite can now connect to Microsoft Office 365, Windows and Microsoft Azure. This is not a surprise, Microsoft products are not an exclusive bundle and there are plenty of non-Microsoft ERP and CRM solutions that make use of Microsoft technology and connect to Microsoft products.

The difference with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is that it has been developed by Microsoft to work in Office 365 and on Windows Azure. It has the benefit of development teams at Microsoft working collaboratively to provide seamless integration and the best user experience.

“Helping your clients migrate to Cloud.”

Cloud as a deployment option (i.e. a “place” to migrate) is in danger of becoming synonymous with payment options. It is also increasingly a metaphor for a mind-set: standard software, no bespoke customisation, rapid delivery.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV was re-engineered over two years ago for cloud optimisation. When we decided to complement our on-premise Microsoft Dynamics NAV offering with a Cloud ERP solution, we set up TVT Cloud, delivering NAV on a “cloud” basis.

Thanks for the offer, NetSuite, we decline. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the best mid-market ERP solution wherever you deploy it.

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