The big announcement from day two was the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Managed Service portal. Before, NAV was available as a subscription and could be deployed on Azure. This was just a different way of paying for the licence and a different way of deploying NAV.

Now we see NAV as true Software as a Service (SaaS).

Get worried NetSuite et al. True SaaS, built for Windows Azure and in O365 backed by a 99.9% guaranteed up time for the whole service or your money back!

We have only just begun getting excited about NAV 2016 and today Microsoft announced the next release, code name “Madeira”. The main enhancement will be tighter O365 integration. The demonstration showed a user receiving an email from an existing customer requesting a new quote. Without leaving the email, the user could see account details from NAV, create the quote and reply with the quote as pdf attachment and transaction created in NAV. The user experience was all from within the email.

This productivity gain will be amazing. It also made me ponder, what does Microsoft mean by CRM?

NAV 2016 has improved connectivity with Dynamics CRM, the product. Madeira shows us CRM as a strategy. NAV remains the best place to manage customer relationship; it’s where all the customer information is. Dynamics CRM supports sales and marketing activities involving gaining new customers.

Deploying both Dynamics CRM and NAV 2016 unites prospecting and customer management.

New promotions for those who prefer to buy a perpetual use licence were also announced. So however you want NAV it’s never been better or more affordable.