This week we will be taking Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Recruitment International’s Finance Directors Forum. We have sponsored the event in the past, this time we will be speaking. A salesperson speaking to one FD can be pretty daunting, speaking to a roomful probably borders on masochistic. However, when you consider that most companies only change finance / ERP software every 7-ish years (longer if they can get away with it) it is possible for an individual to structure a career that avoids ever having to experience the joy of implementation. As suppliers, we go and speak with people who are planning a change every week. I get to hear about the headaches caused by “past its best” systems and the hopes and aspirations for new technology. It is this experience, coupled with insights and trends into investment in IT that will be the focus of presentation on Thursday. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has proven that it can add value to all sorts of businesses, including recruitment agencies. Any system is only ever as good as the people implementing it; typically that is most true of the customer’s team rather than ours. Having correct expectations about what the software can deliver and what organisational change needs to happen to optimise the return prevents history being repeated. Personally I think it’s reassuring that successful technology relies on people and process. Dynamics NAV is no different in this and I certainly won’t be using my speaking time to suggest NAV is the answer to every business problem. This is not the speaking spot, so I feel confident in stating that as the most flexible ERP solution available, NAV goes a long way to keeping pace with the idiosyncrasies of any organisation. If you would like to see how it could fit you, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you’re an FD in the recruitment industry, then please do sign up RI FD Forum.