Continuing from the previous post around lack of budget for ERP projects, here is a third commonly experienced objection to ERP inertia.

We’ve got this far without ERP. Why break what doesn’t need fixing?

This is often said by someone who’s not actually using their in-house systems day-to-day! They have found a workaround to avoid a tool they either dislike, or just use one or two functions of and then have carried on using a previous legacy system, sometimes secretly. Very often people who are familiar with the pain caused by the monthly reporting and the idiosyncrasies of multiple, unintegrated reporting tools have a very different opinion. But there is almost an ERP inertia with a fear of changing to a new system. The truth of the matter is, ERP isn’t just a tool for internal reporting. When it is used properly it can become a real source of competitive advantage over those companies who are slower to adopt newer technologies. Increasingly, we’re seeing businesses who are preparing for growth are investing in ERP because they see that it will enable them to change and adapt more swiftly than the competition. They’ll be able to analyse, understand and even predict where the industry is heading and be ready to meet changes in demand faster than their ERP-less competition. Microsoft NAV Dynamics is the perfect platform with which to integrate your business systems, and ERP inertia is easily fixed.

There are many business challenges to driving ERP adoption in an organisation and our infographic talks about some of the important benefits to businesses of ERP. View our Blueprint for ERP Success infographic that tells you all about the advantages of ERP that are no longer confined to larger scale organisations.

Blueprint to ERP success [Infographic]


Part 4 of this series will talk about how each business has unique business requirements ….