Continuing from the previous post around ERP inertia, here is a common fourth objection to ERP around unique ERP requirements.

But we’re unique: no single system can do what we need

We often hear this said on inbound phone calls or at first meetings with potential clients. Whilst many businesses can have very specific business challenges or even a focus on a very niche sector that differs from the norm, we can discuss the critical business issues behind the requirement and offer a Dynamics NAV solution that ticks all of the boxes. Whether it’s detailed regulatory reporting, elaborate inter-company or intra-company structures across multiple geographical areas or complex manufacturing and sales processes, the chances are that a good ERP, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be able to handle it. If the “out of the box” solution doesn’t fit the bill exactly, then we can certainly help with some additional (certified) development by our experienced Dev team employed on site here at our offices. We have the experience, scale and knowledge to customise NAV to fit your requirements, and longer term we can have further conversations around phases two, three and onwards when your business changes and grows.

There are many business challenges to driving ERP adoption in an organisation and our infographic talks about some of the important benefits to businesses of ERP. View our Blueprint for ERP Success infographic that tells you all about the advantages of ERP that are no longer confined to larger scale organisations.

Blueprint to ERP success [Infographic]

The final part of this series will talk about the speed of implementation….