Microsoft Product Integrations

Bevica, our dinks industry specific business management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, helps small and mid-sized companies manage their accounting and finances, supply chain, operations, CRM and BI reporting.

Integrating easily with your existing Microsoft products, here we highlight what we believe to be the top 3 integrations to demonstrate just how straightforward using a solution, such as Bevica, can be.

Bevica Integrations with Outlook

Outlook screenshot

Outlook has built-in integration with Bevica, this makes it possible for you to handle business tasks alongside your emails – eliminating the need to switch between two applications.

Users can create, send and view contact information and documents such as Quotations, Invoices, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders from within Outlook.

The ‘Contact Insights’ tab also provides full Customer and Vendor information from inside emails and calendar appointments using data from Bevica.

With email logging inside Bevica, Outlook emails can be listed, opened and viewed in full. This is because data is synchronised across both applications.

If an email sender isn’t an existing contact, a record can be created in Outlook and automatically sent to Bevica.

Bevica Integrations with Word – Custom Report Layouts

Word screenshot

Integration with Word allows you to create external-facing reports with layouts you design.

Based on your sales transactions, multiple Word layouts can be created, customised and formatted, allowing you to change their appearance to meet customer specific requirements.

For example, Sales Quotes details can be merged into your Word layout to produce a Tasting Sheet.

Bevica Integrations with Power BI

Power BI is a Business Intelligence application from Microsoft that can be used in conjunction with Bevica.

Power BI screenshot

Power BI visualisations can be embedded directly into Bevica dashboards to give detailed insights into your data and help you make more informed decisions.

BI visualisations are placed throughout Bevica and are found in Sales Orders, Purchase Invoices, Items and Customers and Vendors. These are dynamically refreshed and updated as you slice, filter and drilldown into them.

Power BI also comes as a standalone application where you can customise dashboards and reports based on Bevica data, to give a full end-to-end view of your business in one place.

Additionally, you’re also able to search for answers about your data in the same way you’d ask a search engine – returning answers to your questions accordingly.

This helps non-technical users’ access complex intelligence, allowing them to get answers to the most pressing questions quickly and easily – improving operations.

If you’d like to find out more about Bevica and its integration capabilities, please get in touch.