Over the summer I undertook a seven week sales programme. TVision supported me doing the course with the main aim being for me to learn new ways to approach calls with TVision’s clients and prospects. The direct outcome is that I have learnt five new ways I can help you grow your business. I have learnt the importance of getting to the real business need for change even quicker than before, ultimately helping people reach an informed decision faster to move forward with a Business Central implementation.

top five ways I can help you grow your business

Covid-19: Changing the way we do business

COVID-19 is having a dramatic effect on many things, including the way we all do business. During recent conversations with customers I have found that people are realising that they need more efficient systems and processes to work remotely. The course I attended was great. It helped the attendees hone in on how to better understand our prospects and customers’ business pains while looking at the whole sales journey and how we get encourage an informed decision making process. I learnt a great deal sharing and hearing about other people’s challenges, and what works for them. Also we looked at how we connect and understand our prospects and clients depending on what step of the business transformation journey they are on.

The main focus of the course was to enhance our selling skills and think about how we can improve what we do for our clients and prospects. It was good to stop and think about the “Why”. From this exercise I learnt that when you connect to your deepest “Why” it becomes a powerful force that will take you to any goal that you set yourself. We were given the example of the magician David Blaine developing willpower to such a level that he is renowned for his endurance. Whilst his endurance was amazing, in the end it was his motivation, his “why”, that pulled him through and not his willpower for example when he was fasting for 44 days!

TVision: the right partner for your business

They say that the best salespeople are those who know their audience, share personal beliefs and develop products and services that allow that audience to get the benefits of those beliefs. This then allows the audience to become loyal customers. I truly believe at TVision we do this. Firstly with the knowledge and expertise of our drinks industry specific solution Bevica. And secondly understanding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to ensure you get the right solution for your business.

During the time I have been at TVision, I have seen that our customers love partnering with us. This is because we understand their business and are helping their business be more efficient saving them time and assisting with their growth plans.

Speaking to prospects and clients, it’s evident that now is an important time to think about moving to the cloud. Also to review the processes you have to ensure your business can continue working remotely effectively.

Five ways I can help you grow your business

  • I have a real passion to understand your business issues. I can help you identify what the best ERP solution is for your business and also for each department / role.
  • I can really help you understand how Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or Bevica can help your business be more efficient.
  • I can share best practice examples of how our current customers benefit from the solution.
  • I will make sure I tailor a demo that shows you exactly how your business requirements and processes can be improved and streamlined.
  • And, finally, I want to become your trusted advisor .

Regardless of whether you have been in the industry for a very long time like I have, or if you are just starting out, it’s good to always keep learning and listening to different approaches to selling. My employer TVision understands that employees, like customers, need to grow and adapt to changing circumstances and I have been given a valuable opportunity to do just this.

For more info on the course, contact Dene Stuart of the Exceptional Leader Academy .

By Tiziana Giardina, TVision Business Development Executive