“What did you do at work today, Dad?” was the simple enough polite question from the kids the other evening. To which my answer was: “Well, I spent it pulling up baby Christmas trees in a field in Surrey”. Oh, the horror on their faces! The reality of this apparent act of seasonal vandalism was that it was actually a small but vitally important ecological activity that I, along with six members of the TVision Technology team, participated in on Horsell Common in Woking last week.

TVision Technology, working in conjunction with the CMPP, sent out a team of volunteers for a “Community Action Day”, supporting the fine work of the Horsell Common Preservation Society (HCPS). HCPS’s Senior Ranger, Rupert Millican, explained to us the importance of clearing out any saplings (or what I would describe as small trees) of the rogue Scots Pine and Silver Birch from the heath during the autumn and winter months (when the rare nesting birds found here have flown south for the winter). This is to ensure the natural heathland doesn’t become a forest, and to protect the fragile ecological balance of the habitat.


Over the course of our day with Rupert, we lopped and popped (pulling out trees and their roots using a very inventive tool called a ‘popper’). Whilst there is still plenty more for other volunteers, we were all rather pleased with the large pile we created that was left ready to be chipped. Good old physical work! A few sore muscles were reported the next day, but also a lot of positivity around this small contribution to this beautiful part of the local area and the support of nature’s balance.

Speaking to one of my teammates, Nicki, her view on the day was very similar to mine. Nicki said, “It was a really fun and rewarding day. Being new to the company, it gave me a chance to get to know some of the team better whilst making a difference to the community. I’m looking forward to seeing the before and after pictures as I’m surprised with how much we managed to clear in a day with only seven people.”

TVision Technology is a member of the CMPP and has taken part in a number of Community Action Days. Read our other Community Action day reports here:

By David Brown, TVision Technology Consultant. Click here to find out more about team here at TVision.

About the Horsell Common Preservation Society

Horsell Common Preservation Society (HCPS) own and manage areas of common land with public access including Horsell Common, Heather Farm, Pyrford common, Littlewick Common, Woodham Common and various parcels of adjacent land. HCPS is a charity run by volunteer trustees who are responsible for maintaining approximately 80% of Woking’s open spaces, which provide vital environmental benefits for the Borough.

About CMPP

CMPP is a dynamic, enterprising charity helping companies in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey to get active in their communities. CMPP provide a fully-managed diverse range of corporate volunteering and community fundraising events which enable companies to demonstrate their corporate social responsibilities and active commitment to social good.

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