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Brad Cox, Support Desk Consultant

Brad Cox – Support Desk Consultant

Brad is one of the team based on the TVision support desk. When the phone rings he is able to quickly work out what a client needs and finds a way of helping to solve their problems, whatever they may be.

Name someone you admire, and why?

Sir Martyn Poliakoff, his dedication to his field of Chemistry for 49 years and contribution to the sciences are endless which are a great inspiration to always learn and do your best each and every day.

What’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me is checking over all outstanding calls from customers to be sure we are delivering the best support possible and dealing with any urgent support calls as and when they arrive. Helping our clients resolve issues gives me a great sense of achievement.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

In a previous job I was a fully qualified chef, this was one of my most enjoyable and rewarding jobs.

If you could be anywhere other than here, right this minute, where would you be?

At the beach in Penzance in Cornwall soaking in the sun and watching the waves roll over the sand.

Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A vet, I love animals in all shapes and sizes and would love to have been able to study the profession.

Finish this sentence. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…

On the sofa with a coffee watching some TV.

How do you want people to remember you?

Considerate, helpful and kind.

What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your job?

My attention to detail and need to learn each and every aspect of NAV and how it can be best used to a customer’s potential.

Name three words that you describe you.

Loyal, kind and considerate.

How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

Keen to learn and take on any challenge.

Name something surprising on your bucket list.

I would love to visit Patagonia and travel down to the south coast.

Describe a personal goal that you want to accomplish in the next year?

Pass my driving test and build new computers for my family.

What publications do you regularly read?

New Scientist, Edge and anything PC related.

What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?

Sitting and relaxing while playing video games and building PCs.

What are some causes you care about?

The woodland trust, RSPCA and supporting any charities that look after our planet.

What do you do with friends in your spare time?

Regularly play games, and travel as often as possible with my partner.

What would be your personal motto?

Don’t take anything for granted.

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