Advanced Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Power BI reporting

The real power of any ERP system is its ability to take existing business intelligence data and help you make informed decisions about the future. Power BI reporting is an integral component of Dynamics NAV which helps you do this by using your data to provide extensive modelling and real time analytics, as well as custom development. Where are the revenue opportunities among existing clients? What does the sales pipeline look like 12 months from now? Which product lines generate the most profit, and which resources contribute too much to overheads?

Within the Power BI Reporting functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, questions like this and many more can be modelled endlessly, allowing you to see the potential impact on, for example, a change in price, increase in interest rates, or fluctuations in exchange rates. Whatever business challenges you foresee in future, Dynamics NAV can help you overcome them. It will help predict the challenges you don’t see coming too.

Not only can Dynamics NAV uncover a wealth of information, with Microsoft Power BI reporting and integration it can help you make sense of that information through extended analysis and interactive, visually engaging reporting tools, making even the most complex of analyses easy to comprehend.

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