Microsoft CRM in Dynamics 365

However you interact and collaborate with your existing and prospective customers, talking the same language is integral to the success of any business relationship and its viability – it sits at the heart of your ability to nurture and retain those alliances and drive the sales growth your strategy is banking on.

But, the language of commerce and its capacity to help all parties thrive runs deeper than geographic location and local dialect – it’s about processes, reports and the rudiments of finances and data analysis that help you identify and prioritise the opportunities that benefit everyone.

Streamlining and automating your sales, marketing, field service and project services present clear advantages in your quest for operational clarity and empowerment – and the inextricable link between your financials and customer service presents a challenge indeed. Thankfully, there is a sure-fire way to harness the ability to talk the same language across your business systems. And that’s to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that integrates with all of them.

One of the industry’s leading ERP software products is Dynamics 365 Business Central that brings together Microsoft’s world-class ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions in one platform.

It’s a scalable, end-to-end business programme that is designed to unify your operations and deliver full control over your financial and business data – and help you maintain it as you grow and adapt to change. It is this marrying of business systems with a powerful built-in CRM capability that is so critical to the appeal for organisations who want to overhaul their processes and implement a single, all-embracing digital platform that covers every area of their operations

Microsoft now calls it CE, or Customer Engagement – to help users understand that it unifies all of the CRM functionality you would expect to use across a business in marketing, sales and service.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM as part of your Dynamics 365?

This is the collective name for a series of game-changing tools that represent modular solutions and a flexible answer for those questioning how they effect a credible business transformation whilst securing the integrity of their customer relationships and financials in the process.

Dynamics 365 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which can be public or private cloud based, which will represent a significant step-up if you’re still relying on an on-premise solution. The shift will eliminate both the financial outlay of expensive hardware required to get you started, and the need for updates and repairs that are carried out by your hosting provider as Microsoft deliver these regular updates.

It’ll also reduce the burden on your IT department and ensure your corporate and client data is less vulnerable to on-site disaster.

With all these factors in mind, it’s worth taking time to explore exactly why it’s so important that your CRM integrates with your finance system and remains protected by a belt-and-braces ERP platform.

How to take your customer relationships and fiscal control to another level

At their core, CRM systems offer organisations unique perspectives into their customers and their needs so marketing communications, sales messages and services can be tailored with meticulous precision to meet them.

They serve as a customer information hub that enables businesses to manage financials, organise and grow lead data and foster better customer engagement. An intricate picture of every relationship is captured and housed centrally making searches and responses to even the most complex enquiries a breeze. Couple a CRM with a robust ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution and you’ll take your business transformation and fiscal control to another level.

In terms of what’s in it for the customer, an effective CRM system will hand them a range of tools to make their interactions with you pleasurable and infinitely more rewarding than they’d otherwise encounter. With the means to schedule services that accommodate their preferences, to communicate through any channel, on any device and with access to the data they need to make insightful purchasing decisions – they’ll have the tools that inspire retention and instant trading gratification.

Indeed, it’s personalised experiences like these that can make the critical difference to the financial viability, mutual prosperity and, ultimately, the longevity of your partnerships – and no system harmonises these wants with the results Microsoft Dynamics CE delivers.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CE / CRM is the perfect fit for your systems

If you’re already familiar with Dynamic’s best-in-breed ERP applications, you’ll appreciate the top-level advantages of an effective ERP implementation namely:

  • Harmonised operations that unify all your systems, from accounting, sales and purchasing, HR and customer services to project management, warehousing, logistics and the supply chain.
  • Elimination of data silos because information captured from every transaction and customer interaction is stored in a single location so data information is consistently meaningful and accurate.
  • Productivity goals that are met and exceeded because your streamlined business process and automated workflows help you keep on top of everything.
  • Enhanced sales and customer service that delivers value at every touchpoint and ensures you sell smarter through targeted upselling, cross-selling and renewals.
  • Accurate reporting and forecasting through relevant, real-time data and actionable insights that’s instantly accessible and takes pressure off your IT department.

The fusion of Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP

Microsoft CRM systems

You know that the right CRM system will deliver what you need in terms of benefits for you, your financials, your workforce and your customers, but delve deeper into what Dynamics 365 Business Central applications offer and you’ll discover a world of opportunities when you bring all your CRM functions together.

Here’s an overview of what Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers:

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Top of your list of wants, this is the ‘relationship’ application that will empower your teams with the tools to resolve complex issues as effortlessly as it is to handle a routine request, much to the joy of your customers. With one complete source of data on a single, extensible platform, your newly unified technology simplifies both the agent and customer experience effortlessly – then there’s the personalised service and AI-enabled insights that give your customers the value added they expect and the peace of mind they love.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

A further boost for relationships comes with smarter selling – with contextual AI-driven insights, you’ll boost sales productivity with easy-to-use tools that make for a streamlined sale process, intelligent optimisation and innovative sales solutions that you can tailor to suit the right customers. With all this real-time data on tap, you’ll capitalise immediately on the emerging trends, pipeline analysis and intelligence that will ensure your sales performance will flourish and effect a sales transformation that’s ready to evolve as you are.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Who wouldn’t want the insights, lead scoring and instantly accessible dashboards that make light work of decision-making and enable you to improve your automated marketing performance, align your sales and create a memorable customer experience along the way? Dynamics 365 Marketing hands you targeted, multi-channel campaigns that increase demand, personalise your buyers’ journeys and generate sales-ready leads that are easy to nurture and convert.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

If you want to optimise the results of your field operations, Dynamics 365 Field Service will give you the built-in intelligence and remote monitoring capabilities to detect and resolve service issues fast and minimise service calls. It’ll transform your operations with tools like heads-up, hands-free video calling for technicians to collaborate on their fixes and get it right first-time. Moreover, productivity is increased when routes and assignments are optimised and technicians have access to all data on their mobile devices – even whether they’re offline. All the time your customers remain in the loop thanks to self-service portals, proactive updates and real-time technician tracking.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

When it comes to meeting your customers’ expectations and realising the yield you’re banking on, Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation really does deliver – on time, budget and profitability angles. You’ll have end-to-end project service that starts with predictable, customer-centric service delivery models to help you plan and project profitability, driving innovation, optimising your resources and increasing productivity as the project progresses.

Talk our language

It’s clear to see that the fusion of Dynamics 365 Business Central and its CRM capabilities have what it takes to transform your organisation whilst looking after your financial management and other areas of operation with ease. If you’re prompted to make the leap, your first step should be to talk to a Microsoft Partner who’ll give you the confidence that a Dynamics suite of ERP and CRM gold-standard solutions is the right fit for your business now and as you grow.

A trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, TVision is one of the largest and most respected Microsoft ERP platform partners in the UK with an enviable pedigree in Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, notably within the financial services industry. When it comes to the language we talk with our clients, we’re set apart by the long-standing relationships we enjoy with them all – long after the project is live.

If you want to: find out more about Microsoft Dynamics ERP, how we can help you find a suitable partner for your CRM needs, and discover how they can enhance your business strategy while empowering you and your clients, please contact the TVision team.