TVision v Industry Specialist

When it comes to sourcing software to entrust with your mission critical business processes, the traditional advice has been to find the specialist for your industry.
The industry specialist understands the demands on your business and has software that meets the day-to-day operational processes.

However, traditional industry specialists are small to medium organisations, typically single country based and owner managed. These companies manage all aspects of application development, deployment and support with limited resources. No wonder then that user satisfaction is varied and scalability for international organisations extremely limited.
Small companies work well with the idiosyncrasies of the industry niche, growing companies become frustrated.

Microsoft “Proposition”

The proposition from Microsoft starts out extremely compelling: standard software, leading user experience, unrivalled compatibility with other Microsoft applications. It extends through the global partner channel with enhanced solutions that take the general functionality and develop it for specific industry needs.

The Best of all Worlds

As a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner, TVision offers the best of all worlds: functionality that meets operational needs, experienced consultants and the channel support of safety in numbers. The result is a solution that meets operational needs, is built on robust, proven technology, has the backing of the world’s largest business software company and can be supported by a talent pool of over 5,000 professionals.


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Call: 01483 751 888

Call: 01483 751 888