Having reliable and easy to use resource management tools streamlines your project management process and allows you to better manage where your time and money is best spent. 

Our resource management software allows you to use Job Planning lines; reviewing and recording usage on various parts of your project, which is automatically updated as you modify and transfer information between jobs and job journals or job invoices.

For example, for planning lines of type ‘Budget’, you can enter the quantity of a resource, and indicate what quantity to transfer to the job journal. If the type of the planning line is ‘Billable’, you can enter the quantity of the resource, and indicate what quantity to transfer to an invoice. By comparing the quantity that has been transferred to the journal or invoice with the remaining quantity, you can quickly review project resource usage information.

Job Tasks can also be assigned to specific people using our resource management software, allowing you to allocate resources to projects, which can then highlight gaps in skills, time, services or items that will need to be found before the projects begin. 

To learn more about our project resource management tools, as well as our specialist cost management software, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here, or get a resource management quote that’s tailored to you and the needs of your company.


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