Don't be put off by upgrading

Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV is important to ensure you keep up with Microsoft enhancements, take advantage of product functionality and can therefore continue to improve business efficiencies.

Why should you be upgrading NAV?

As with any project the costs versus benefits of upgrading need to be assessed, and in doing so it raises many questions. We can help answer these questions and decide which upgrade path is right for you. With every version NAV gets better and easier; better functionality, improved integration, easier reporting.

There are two upgrade options to choose from and one will certainly be right for your business. These depend on: the complexity and version you are currently on, the required timescales, budget and internal resources, and if there is a compelling reason for the upgrade.


TVT UpgradeUpgrading NAV

A standard upgrade is probably what we all think about when we hear the words ‘software upgrade’. We take your current system’s bespoke work and merge it into the latest version. Your data is upgraded too, so you’ll see all your customers, vendors, posted invoices, GL entries etc., in the new version. This moves you to a new system retaining the processes and data from our old system. You can start using features in the new version too.


TVT ReImplementReimplementation of NAV

Re-implementing is the cleanest way of using the latest software version. It allows you to clear out clutter and streamline your business processes. Combining the NAV knowledge you and your Users have built up with TVision’s experience puts everyone in a better position to fit your processes into the new features that the latest version offers.



TVT FunctionalityFunctionality improvements when upgrading

There are many reasons for an upgrade of NAV, but these need to be justified in order to provide decision makers with ROI and convey the value to the business. Here are some of the main beneficial areas of the latest version.


Features available in the latest version of Dynamics NAV


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