Find out how you can remove costly errors and time-consuming processes from your warehouse with Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory.

Join our webinar on Wednesday, 26 January at 12 pm to learn more about how you can optimise and digitalise your warehouse by moving away from pen and paper and towards handheld barcode scanners and Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory.

Mobile WMS is a super user-friendly barcode scanning solution that can help you:

  • minimise errors – like misplacements and wrong shipments – in your warehouse
  • increase efficiency of your warehouse employees by removing redundant processes
  • improve warehouse accuracy with real-time data and controlled actions

The Mobile WMS solution integrates directly with all Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. During this 30 minute webinar, which will include a demo of the solution, we will focus on how the solution integrates with Business Central and NAV and how to perform key warehouse processes like receive, put-away, pick, move and count using a handheld scanner.

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