Our manifesto on a sane approach to Dynamics 365 Project Management

When we were talking internally about creating our next piece of campaign collateral, it occurred to me that a document extolling the virtues of project management would be a good place to start. With statistics mentioned by the likes of Gartner that 55% to 75% of all ERP projects fail to meet their objectives it’s no wonder the decision to implement new ERP is not taken lightly.

We work to understand your business challenges

When you do decide you are ready, you need to work with a vendor that understands your business challenges and one that plans the ERP implementation process thoroughly. We do precisely this and in our experience when a Functional requirements Document is submitted to a potential client they are relieved to see that we have considered all of their key stakeholder and functional requirements prior to implantation.

We only deliver successful ERP implementations

Let me share with you something we all know here in the office, but what we don’t shout about often enough.

We have never had a failed ERP implementation here at TVision.

Yes, you read that correctly. All of our Microsoft Dynamics implementations are a success. I mentioned this to a friend recently and she was amazed. At her previous employer she said they often had project no-starts because they  just weren’t planned properly and what was expected is not what was sold and vice versa. And that’s why I penned my manifesto around “Sane Project Management”.

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“Sane Project Management” manifesto

As TVision’s Client Services Director, project management is a significant part of my role. If I can’t pinpoint and understand my clients exact requirements, then …. I don’t know what I need to ask my Consultants to implement, what my Developers need to code and create as customisation to meet specific business requirements, and what the Support team can offer in terms of training and ongoing support.

My project management manifesto

The top line messaging from my manifesto is as follows

  • People are the start and end of any project – which I think we’d all agree is so important. Choose your project leaders wisely, ensure you have buy-in from the top, etc.
  • The project tools you use should be chosen wisely – how do you manage projects? Bits of paper scattered over your desk? Do you have regular update meetings with your vendor and internally?
  • Project methodology is important – but shouldn’t over-shadow the project itself. Too much box ticking could prevent you from achieving success.
  • Change is the only constant – a similar message in Pippa’s “Four practical steps to anticipating change” blog.