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December 17, 2016 1:32 pm Published by RapidStart is a proven combination of time-saving tools and structured process. Tools include templates for data migration, standard basic training material and questionnaires to guide through set up. Process is all about the Project Management, effective management of change requests and issues, and ensures the project maintains focus.

Super User Navigation Training

Navigation training provides familiarisation of the system for your project team to enable them to critique through the workshops and manage testing.

Process Workshops

These provide a detailed walkthrough of the functionality within scope for your project. They aim to confirm that the solution will suit your needs and establish how the system needs to be set up. The outputs of these sessions are the Functional Scope document and Fit/Gap worksheet that identifies any areas unique to your business, and where additional work may be required.

System Build and Install

This involves advising on an appropriate test and production environment, installing software to your server and PC’s and providing administration training to your IT resource

Data Migration

Excel templates are supplied for the required data. Once data is in the correct format, we will upload and assist with testing workshops. Usually, services will allow for two data loads in each area, one into the test environment and one into the production environment ready for Go Live.

UAT and Parallel Run

User Acceptance Testing and Parallel run, to assist user adoption of the system and ensure the system has been set up as expected.


Typical elements addressed within training:
  • Super User Training: to familiarise your project team with the software so that they can make more meaningful input into the process workshops and to prepare them for testing
  • Train the Trainer: assisting and training your project team members who will be delivering the end user training on the configured system
  • Training Materials: assisting in the production of training materials for the end user training
  • End user training if required (we advise train the trainer for most projects; it proves more cost effective as you create user champions and encourage a positive sense of ownership).

Go Live

When the system is ready to go, Go Live support covers the initial days of live operation and first key processes such as first payment run, first month end as required. The key to RapidStart success is to assume that very little or no changes will be made to the standard system. Once your first phase has gone live, you may decide to add functionality (those “nice to haves”) at a later stage or you may well find that as your users become familiar with the new system and realise the benefits you don’t need to do any more. The first step is to educate the project\team so that they can critically assess the software to a greater degree than in the pre-sales demonstrations. Next we complete the process workshops where configuration requirements are determined. Then the configured system is delivered to site for testing and preparation for go-live.  
“Thanks to the team at TVision Technology we’ve gained maximum value from our investment into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and we will continue to partner with them.”

Darren Thorley, Head of IT, Gallowglass

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