Accurately pay your contractors with Agency Time

Our recruitment payroll software, Agency Time, uses the data collected in your timesheets, together with the client- and contractor-specific contract information you enter, to pay every contractor accurately and on time, every time. There’s no need to re-key any data, so there’s no risk of data entry error or misplaced payments.

Paying your contract workers couldn’t be easier with Agency Time – a recruitment industry specific Pay/Bill system. Key information, such as their payment details, transactional history and contact preferences are stored on a Contractor Card. This allows you to see up-to-date and historical information on your contractors, and makes payment processing a breeze – freeing up time to do other important tasks.

image of our recruitment payroll software, Agency Time

Pay is fully-integrated with our payroll software for recruitment; Purchase and Timesheet ledgers to ensure you’ll automatically pick up the correct rate of pay for every hour worked, making payment as simple as the click of a button.

Payment methods can be setup to match those provided by your bank, e.g. BACS, Forex, CHAPS, etc. and payslips sent either electronically or in the post, fitting in with your clients’ and contractors’ preferences while cutting down on unnecessary admin time.

We process limited company, PAYE, CIS, umbrella and overseas payment types, and account for withholding taxes. For those wanting a global solution we have brought in other country specific NAV payrolls, e.g. Australian.

If your business is running self-bill for your contractors we can issue HMRC VAT compliant documents. For those contractors that have opted out and haven’t sent their invoices, we have SMS functionality which can chase.

If you don’t want to use NAV’s UK Payroll Miracle Dynamics Enterprise, then we have a standard interface which lets you choose which UK payroll you do use.

When it comes to HMRC reporting, we have it covered with Intermediary Reporting, CIS Reporting and all the functionality you’d expect from and HMRC accredited payroll, i.e. RTI, auto-enrolment.

Accurate recruitment billing with Agency Time

Agency Time stores the information on each of your clients, at a company, site and personal level, that allows you to bill assignments accurately, to the right person, and on a set of pre-defined terms. With the ability to bill faster and more accurately, you’ll enjoy smoother, more predictable cashflow, with less effort.

Take the effort out of billing your clients with our recruitment payroll software, you no longer have to worry about complex paperwork and manual billing processes. Instead, essential information about your clients – including transactional details such as agreed rates and terms – is stored inside Agency Time.

This information can be recalled, measured against corresponding timesheet information, and billed to the client, all from within the NAV environment.

That means data entry errors are eliminated, processes are streamlined and clients are billed quickly and accurately every time.


As well as pay, Agency Time can calculate billing for expenses separately with their own payment terms. This simplifies processes and removing any likelihood of clients not paying a consolidated invoice because they had a query on the expense line. What may now be a manual process can be easily automated to ensure clients are sent (post or email) detailed invoices with timesheet images attached.

Rate variations

Hourly rates can vary tremendously across individual contractors, with different fees applicable for different working hours or specific tasks, and even the need to account for different currencies within a job. Agency Time allows different currency transactions to be posted to a single debtor, negating the need for multiple customer accounts for a single client. It doesn’t matter if your client needs invoicing weekly or consolidated timesheets split by calendar month. The system can handle that too.

With Agency Time, what could be a painstaking and time-consuming manual process can all be automated using pre-determined information against specific assignments and contractors. This information will automatically tie in with timesheets, ensuring no errors are made during your billing process.

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