Time really does fly in the world of TVision Technology! This time last week six members of the team were hard at work scrapping, painting and weeding along the banks of the Basingstoke Canal. Here today to tell you all about the day is one of that team of volunteers, and TVision’s Marketing Communications Manager, Alex Williams.

As a Woking resident, and someone whose house is only 50m or so from the Basingstoke Canal, I often use the towpaths alongside the canal to walk to town, the gym and, every now and again, the pub. As a result, I jumped at the opportunity to join the TVision Technology team who volunteered to support the work of the Basingstoke Canal Society during a recent CMPP Community Action Day.

Over the course of our day with the Basingstoke Canal Society, the TVision volunteers were put to work on a variety of maintenance tasks at St John’s Flight, the lock closest to St John’s village in Woking. These tasks included the painting of the lock gates, bridge and canal bollards at the lock, clearing overgrowing vegetation along the canal banks, and litter picking.

Speaking to one of my team mates, Lucy da Silva, confirmed to me how important the Basingstoke Canal is to the local Woking area: “Volunteering in the community is so important, and it’s one of the things I love about working at TVision. Taking part on this particular project with the Basingstoke Canal Society was especially meaningful to me. Living along the canal for a number of years and then using the space afterwards when my children were just babies, means the area has a very special place in my heart and holds many fond memories.

“I didn’t realise at the time the great significance maintaining such an important waterway would have but I learnt very quickly about the funding required and how so much of the work is carried out by volunteers. The canal itself is ranked 13th in the world, which is incredible, but completely understandable considering how beautiful and peaceful it is. It’s no wonder so many birds and animals live there. There are kingfishers, herons, as well as one of the largest number of varieties of aquatic plants and invertebrates. Also, 25 of Britain’s 39 species of dragonflies and damselflies call the canal home. It’s an amazing place!  I was, and still am, very proud to have been part of the team that got to work on contributing to its upkeep.”

Another member of our volunteering team, Jon Bernard Barcos agreed, saying: “It was a great way to spend the day and I really felt like I was contributing to the community.”

CMPP Membership: A great way of giving back to our local community

TVision Technology is a member of the CMPP and has taken part in a number of Community Action Days.

Commenting on why TVision is a member of CMPP, Danusia Jolliffe, Marketing and Customer Service Director at TVision, said: “CMPP Community Action Days are a great way of reconnecting with colleagues whilst providing valuable time to local community projects that have often had their funding cut. Time away from your desk (usually in the great outdoors) is known to be good for mental and well-being, so it’s great for the team to get together face to face in our now hybrid working world where we only get to meet up on a screen. Improving work relationships away from the office also helps collaboration back at work, so there are all kinds of benefits to this kind of corporate volunteering and CSR activity. I am now also a proud fully paid-up Household member of the Basingstoke Canal Society, and am encouraging all of my local friends to do the same.“

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About the Basingstoke Canal Society

The Basingstoke Canal Society are the guardians of the Basingstoke Canal. They have been promoting and campaigning for the sustainable future of the Canal as a navigation and public amenity since 1966. Through the John Pinkerton Canal Cruises operation, it also raises money which is used to fund the maintenance and improvement works undertaken by more than 250 volunteers.

About CMPP

CMPP is a dynamic, enterprising charity helping companies in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey to get active in their communities. CMPP provide a fully-managed diverse range of corporate volunteering and community fundraising events which enable companies to demonstrate their corporate social responsibilities and active commitment to social good.